Fred F. Hopper

Thanks for visiting what was once the site of the legendary Fred F. Hopper.
For those of you that are in the dark, here's a little back-story...

Fred the fly was the mascot for the Philly based aggressive n' humorous funk-rock quintet known as Fred F. Hopper. While Fred the fly may have met his end on the stall wall of a bathroom in a cheap Philly bar where his splattered, mangled body would remain un-cleaned for months, his spirit would live on in all the band did until their demise in early 2005. He was their muse. Their inspiration. He could be seen on their stickers n' shirts, the actual wall of his death served as the background for their poster, and in all his regal glory he could be seen in his prime on their album "Fast n' Dirty" - floating in a bowl of soup, Pabst in hand. The album to which I speak, their sole album, recorded live during the blizzard of '04, still remains floating around the world much like that of the soul of the late fly. In fact, a few copies remain available here. So venture in and take a listen. For while the band may have gone the way of OL' Yeller, their music is still the booty pleasin' shite some of you came to love - and some of you unfortunates that may have never experienced what was once called "the greatest live show in Philly" by "the leaders of the Philadelphia musical Renaissance", now is your chance to repent.

And that, my funky friends of Fred, is that.

Things to do during your stay...

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